My name is Olga Klamut, Ola for short.

I have a deep curiosity for life and a passion for understanding the human experience. Professionally I identify with several roles: psychologist, yoga teacher, somatic stress release practitioner, and a PhD student and researcher in medical psychology.

My story

My journey is filled with diverse experiences, shaped by both personal and professional exploration. Born in Poland and until highschool raised in the United States, the duality of my cultural upbringing profoundly influenced my life and identity.
In my mid-twenties, after earning my master's degree in psychology, I spent several years traveling and working around the world. These years were intense, sometimes chaotic, but always rewarding. I delved into the study of the mind-body connection, drawing wisdom from the diverse cultures and teachings ! encountered. A few months in India marked the conclusion of my traveling phase, where I completed a yoga teacher training and began to focus more on my own inner peace through meditation and mindfulness practices.
Transitioning from my travels to a more introspective phase, I returned to Poland. This marked a challenging yet essential period of self-discovery. I invested in myself and my education, engaging in therapy, mentorship, and deepening my own yoga and meditation practices. My professional path during this time has been equally diverse, from teaching neurodivergent children yoga and somatics to supporting patients in psychiatric inpatient facilities, or working with oncological patients to enhance their body awareness and pain management.
This part of my journey also led me to a PhD program, in which I am researching the influence of interception on mental health. While exploring various, seemingly different disciplines, I became fascinated by how they seem to speak a common language once we truly listen. And observing and listening to the world around me is a deeply satisfying experience.
I firmly believe that my ability to guide and support my clients benefits from my own self-awareness and holistic well-being, that I continually prioritize within myself. I highly value authenticity and respect toward oneself, others, and our environments. Being human is a messy experience, and the sooner we normalize that and learn to support ourselves and the world around us, the more ease and balance all of us will encounter.

Being human
is a messy

Explore well-being, self-awareness, and the world of interdisciplinary knowledge.
Self observation through the awareness of movement and breath.