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Homeostasis is the natural balance sought by all things in nature, including humans as mind-body-soul systems. Achieving this balance is essential for well-being and optimal functioning. My work is aimed at guiding my clients in becoming more self-aware, being able to self-regulate, fostering the inner wisdom that everyone innately has.
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Counseling sessions

I hold a psychology degree from the University of Wrocław and am currently in the final stages of completing my PhD in medical psychology at Charles University in Prague.
In my private practice, I offer individual counseling sessions tailored to the unique needs and capacities of each client. My approach focuses on fostering self-regulation, enhancing body-mind awareness, and nurturing resilience. As a Somatic Stress Release Practitioner, I also incorporate somatic sessions to further support my clients' well-being.
In the corporate realm, I collaborate with companies by conducting workshops and training programs aimed at enhancing organizational health and effective leadership. Additionally, I provide consulting services in the field of corporate well-being, helping organizations foster healthier, more productive work environments.

Common 1:1 session topics:

Integrating the past, present and future
Support during life transitions
Building an awareness of your inner narratives, thought patterns and beliefs
Creating a healthy relationship with your body - intuitive eating, movement, nutrition
Creating a healthy relationship with stress
Learning nervous system regulation
Conscious communication and boundaries
Emotional regulation
Relationships and sexuality
Integration of psychedelic experiences

Online session

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In-person session

Private practice
Januszowicka 5,
53-135 Wrocław
DCG Medical Center
Powstańców Śląskich 48,
53-333 Wrocław


  • The inner work I have done with Olga has completely reshaped my sense of belonging and support. I can proudly say I haven't experienced such deep connections since childhood. Olga provides a safe space, offering profound insights and guiding me to parts of myself I had long kept in the shadows. Her blend of somatic and talk therapy, coupled with her empathy and reflective approach, makes her an incredibly versatile therapist that I believe most people would benefit greatly from working with.
    24, Norway
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